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What Should I Do When I Have Something Stuck Between My Teeth?

December 13, 2023

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While teeth do a great job of chewing food into a more easily digestible state, they often get little bits of food and other debris stuck between them. This happens to everyone and can usually be handled by flushing your mouth out a few times or by having a thorough oral hygiene session. Here’s a brief guide on how to remove objects that are stuck between your teeth and how to tell if you need to see a dentist.


What’s the Difference Between Veneers and Lumineers?

November 10, 2023

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Woman shows off smile

Porcelain veneers and Lumineers can both be excellent ways to beautify a smile, but there is some confusion floating around about the difference between them. While they are both used to cover extensive flaws in natural teeth such as cracks, chips, gaps, discoloration, and stains, their shapes and the means by which they are attached to the teeth make them significantly different treatments. Here’s some information about the differences between Lumineers and porcelain veneers to help give you an idea of which option might be right for you.


It Just Gets Better and Better: How Dentures Have Evolved Over the Years

October 13, 2023

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Humans have dealt with the problem of lost teeth since before the dawn of history, and throughout the millennia they have sought ways to replace them. As you’d probably guess, dental restorations in more primitive times were not as lifelike, comfortable, reliable, effective, or safe as they are today. Here’s how dentures have evolved over the centuries so you can appreciate how comfortable and realistic they are in their modern form.


My Dental Crown Fell Out; What Now?

September 13, 2023

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A dental crown can last for fifteen years or more with proper care, but accidents and unforeseen circumstances can cause them to fall out long before they are due to be replaced. It might happen as a result of an injury or your crown might break off when you’re in the middle of eating. In any case, it’s best to know what to do in this situation before it happens. Here’s what to do while waiting for your emergency dentist’s appointment after your dental crown becomes dislodged from your tooth.


3 Lifestyle Changes to Set Your Dental Implants Up for Success

August 15, 2023

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person with dental implants smiling

Are you a patient who has recently undergone dental implant surgery and wants to ensure the long-term success of your new tooth replacements? Dental implants, often considered the gold standard for tooth replacement, offer numerous benefits in terms of aesthetics and functionality. To maximize the longevity and effectiveness of your dental implants, consider making a few simple lifestyle adjustments. Read on to discover three straightforward changes you can implement to ensure the lasting success of your newly restored smile.


Your First Month with Dentures: What to Expect

July 12, 2023

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Elderly man smiling in dental chair holding dentures as dentist stands to the side with a thumbs up

Getting dentures restores more than your missing teeth – it restores your confidence! It’s great that you’ve taken the steps to complete your smile and raise your quality of life. While you should celebrate, you’re not quite home-free yet! The first month after getting dentures is often an adjustment period, but soon you’ll be used to wearing your dentures and back to smiling, talking, and eating as you had before. Here’s what to expect in your first month with dentures.


What Steps You Can Take to Prevent Coffee Breath

June 15, 2023

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Three women at a small wooden table laughing over hot lattes in white mugs

Many people consider coffee amongst their favorite drinks, but this popular beverage can cause coffee breath, stained teeth, and dry mouth. While the taste, customization, and accessibility of coffee might be tempting, the lingering sensation once you’re finished with your cup means everyone around you can likely smell it on your breath. If you’re worried about a lingering odor, here’s how to get rid of coffee breath.


How to Turn Back the Clock on Your Smile

May 23, 2023

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an older couple with youthful smiles from cosmetic dental treatments

Aging is simply a part of life. Over time, changes are natural in your appearance. As a matter of fact, even your smile ages! However, you may not be happy with how your teeth appear now and dream of having a bright grin again. The good news is that cosmetic dentistry can restore your pearly white’s youthful look! Read on to learn about what causes your smile to appear older and the cosmetic treatments that can help.


5 Possible Reasons for a Bitter Taste in Your Mouth

April 23, 2023

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Concerned woman in a light blue sweater

Do you sometimes experience a strange, bitter taste in your mouth that doesn’t seem to be related to anything you ate? This could be cause for concern, particularly if it lasts throughout the day and doesn’t go away even after brushing your teeth. In many cases, it could even point to a serious oral health issue. Your emergency dentist is here to explain 5 common reasons for a persistent bitter taste.


Are Dental Implants Stronger Than Your Teeth?

March 10, 2023

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person wondering if dental implants are stronger than teeth

If you have gaps in your beam, missing teeth can be replaced with dental implants. They provide a remarkable amount of bite force and last for years or even a lifetime with proper care. Despite tooth enamel being the strongest material in the human body, are dental implants even stronger? Continue reading to learn the answer to this question as well as why dental implants are so strong.

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